Shungite Pyramid: How It Can Protect You From Harmful EMF Radiation


You might be wondering what a Shungite Pyramid could do for you and how a stone could have so many benefits. This can be quite surprising, but this little pyramid can do you a lot of good. One of the biggest reasons people like this stone is that they believe that it blocks out EMF radiation, which has been linked to potentially causing cancer. However, if you are still skeptical of the idea of this pyramid and if it really works, here are some benefits that many people get from having this stone.

Get Rid of Bad EMF Radiation

If you do not know what EMF radiation is, it is basically electromagnetic field or radiation that is released by things such as x-rays, radio waves, gamma rays, etc. This can even include things such as visible light, which means that we are always exposed to potentially harmful levels of EMF. Naturally, there is usually small amounts of EMF present in our bodies along with the environment that surrounds us, so it is pretty much impossible to avoid. What this pyramid does is that it will absorb and neutralize the radiation to avoid it from entering you.

Why Is It Bad for You?

Normally, small amounts are not a big deal and we don’t have to worry about it. High levels of exposure to EMF radiation can cause a person to have bad headaches and even cause them to have mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and potentially cause them to be suicidal because of those illnesses. If you are exposed to very high levels of EMF radiation, a person will have burns, however, many people have noted that they have experienced the side effects above as well.

Low levels of exposure to EMF radiation won’t be too bad however as mentioned earlier, it is speculated that it causes cancer in some people due to being placed under x-rays and such. We naturally have our own electromagnetic system in our bodies however when you are going to be around too much EMF radiation that was made from man, it will definitely be harmful. As the saying goes, too much of anything is dangerous. It has the potential to worsen certain conditions and cause people to have inflammatory problems.

What Levels of EMF Radiation Are Safe?

Low-frequency levels of EMF radiation should be fine to deal with, the higher the frequency the more dangerous it could be to your health. There are varying levels of strength in EMF radiation levels as well, so each one will not always be the same. Power density will also greatly vary depending on the area and power of the radiation that is being emitted. Another crucial thing to consider is how long you will be exposed to the EMF radiation. If you are being exposed to EMF radiation for an x-ray for a short period of time, you should be fine however getting very frequent x- rays for long durations of time or staying under a tanning bed for too long could cause a number on your health.

Protect yourself today by getting a Shungite pyramid from Earths Elements to let the stone absorb the EMF radiation for you.

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